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Urias® air splints are made from flexible PVC and are inflated by mouth to a maximum pressure of 40 mm Hg. The choice of air splint or therapy tool is dependent on the level of motor recovery, performance capability of the patient and the specific task or activity. They are inexpensive and easy to apply.

 Urias® XL/Bariatric Arm Splint Range
 Urias® XL/Bariatric Leg Splint Range


 Urias® Adult Arm Splint Range
 Urias® Adult Hand Splint Range
 Urias® Adult Leg Splint Range
 Urias® Adult Foot Splint Range

 Baby Therapy Arm Splint Range
 Baby Therapy Hand Splint Range
 Baby Therapy Leg Splint Range
 Infant Therapeutic Arm Splint Range
 Infant Therapeutic Hand Splint Range
 Infant Therapeutic Leg Splint Range
 Infant Therapeutic Foot Splint Range


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