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Innovative Sports TherapyCryotherapy (Cold Compression)
The benefits of this therapy have been well documented over many years in the treatment of sports injuries.
If used immediately after an injury is sustained the following benefits have been shown:
• Reduction in pain
• Reduction in muscle spasms
• Reduction in tissue damage by reducing the metabolism
• Reduction in swelling by limiting secondary hypoxic injury

Intermittent Compression
Because Cryotherapy alone is ineffective in preventing the swelling caused by sports injuries or orthopaedic surgery, our pumps and cuffs integrates intermittent compression technology as well.
The benefits are:
• Helps limit initial swelling
• Continued use reduces swelling by forcing fluids into the lymphatic system. This lowers the pressure on the limb and promotes fluid re-absorbtion.
• Helps in the restoration of an oxygenated blood flow to increase healing.

Urias Adult Arm Splint Range

Sports Therapy Cryo 1 Pump

Cryo 1 Sports Therapy Pump
Used for cold compression and intermittent compression
Ref: 77-001-0

Sports Therapy Cryo 2 Pump

Cryo 2 Sports Therapy Pump
Used for hot and cold therapies. Automatic or manual modes
Ref: 77-002-0

Urias Adult Arm Splint Range

Sports Therapy Shoulder Cuff

Sports Therapy Shoulder Cuff
Ref: 77-003-0

Sports Therapy Torso Cuff

Sports Therapy Torso Cuff
Ref: 77-004-0

Sports Therapy Hand and Wrist Cuff

Sports Therapy Wrist Cuff
Ref: 77-005-0

Sports Therapy Elbow Cuff

Sports Therapy Elbow Cuff
Ref: 77-006-0

Sports Therapy Thigh Cuff

Sports Therapy Thigh Cuff
Ref: 77-007-0

Sports Therapy Kneeo Cuff

Sports Therapy Knee Cuff
Ref: 77-008-0

Sports Therapy Calf Cuff

Sports Therapy Shin / Calf Cuff
Ref: 77-009-0

Sports Therapy Ankle Cuff

Sports Therapy Ankle Cuff
Ref: 77-010-0